The Sunday Power Hour: A Productivity Habit that Actually Works

When you design a planner people ask you a lot of questions about productivity. And I do have a theory about productivity. I think it all comes down to habits. This theory is backed by all the happiness and productivity books I have read. So, I can’t take full credit! Productivity is all about developing habits. And I believe there is one habit that rules them all (LOTR reference intended): The Sunday Power Hour!

 I basically have two kinds of weeks: the weeks that happen to me and the weeks that I control. The weeks that happen to me are usually a whirlwind of activity that I just can’t seem to get a handle on. The weeks that I am in control of happen with methodical purpose and generally leave me feeling happy and accomplished. The difference between the two is the Sunday Power Hour!

Weeks that I am in control of have one thing in common, me spending time with my planner deciding what I want to accomplish for the week. It doesn’t have to take a full hour, I just call it that because it rhymes! During this time I look at: all the projects I have going on, the habits I want to track for the week, and the money left in my spending plan. I decide how I want to direct my energy for the week and develop a plan of attack. I use the goal box on the weekly layout to list my projects and the various items that need to be done for each of them. I then try to break these items down into to-do list tasks throughout the week. I review my spending plan on the monthly page so I am clear on how much money I have available for the coming week and plan accordingly. I might decide to meet a friend at Chipotle for lunch instead of the fancy French bistro on the corner depending on my funds available.

Taking the time to do this on Sunday allows me to start Monday off with direction and purpose. I get stuff done Monday morning instead of lollygagging and that sets the tone for the entire week. This Sunday habit is one that has served me well in my life and career. It won’t hurt to give it a try and see if you can control your week instead of your week happening to you.

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