Teaching Financial Literacy by Sharing the Evolve Planner

We are excited to share two more Give Back Pledges!

Jason Stephens, a faculty member at Columbia College in the Business and Entrepreneurship Department has purchased 50 books. These books will be going to Parenthesis a program of New Moms.

You can learn more about this great organization here. They provide services to families with young children. I will be doing a workshop with them to provide the planners to young moms and to teach them skills to become financially independent!

Meyer Wealth Advisors is a financial planning company based in Auroa, IL. They believe in the power of educating people on their financial situations to achieve success and see a great value in the Evolve Planner.

Their purchase of 50 books will be distributed to students at Aurora University. A school they proudly support!

These pledges are especially exciting for me! I believe financial literacy is a key to achieving long term happiness and satisfaction in life. I hope by getting these planners to people early in their journey will help them to achieve the lives they want to live.

Please keep sharing our message! Every share and like on Facebook gets our campaign to more people.

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