Having Kids is Terrifying and Other Reasons to Support the Evolve Planner

There comes a point when most people want to take control of their own life. For me that point came when I got pregnant with twins. Being responsible for two more people in the world made me not want to be beholden to a boss, an unexpected expense or a downturn in the economy. I wanted to know that I would have resources to make sure those two little babies had something to eat and a place to live no matter what. And for that, I needed to more than save money, I needed to manage my money.

The Evolve Planner is the perfect tool to help you do just that. In order to make financial decisions about your life you need to know where you WANT the money to go and where it IS going. You need a place to organize your life, so you stay focused on what is important and still have time for the activities you enjoy. You need to achieve balance. The more balance I created in my own life, the happier I became and the more empowered I felt. It wasn’t about how much money I was making, or the things that I was able to buy. It was about gaining control and knowing that my decisions day to day were feeding into the bigger plan I had for my life.

More people need to feel in control of their lives. More people need to dream big. More people need to focus their energy on getting important things done. I designed the Evolve Planner because I want to see those dreams come true. Spending your money on what is important to you is the fastest way to get control of your life. If you don’t know where your hard earned cash is going, you aren’t focusing a very important resource on creating the life you want to live.

 Support the Evolve Planner and get control of your future!

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